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Wedding Celebrant

The experience of having 'Your Day, Your Way'


​Why Have A Celebrant?

A Registrar has a limited choice in where they can marry you, and the words they can use for your ceremony.  For instance, you may have grown up with religious beliefs, and would like a short prayer, or religious reading incorporated within your ceremony, with a Registrar, that’s not possible. Also, you may not be able to have poems or songs which have any religious connotation whatsoever. (Such as Robbie Williams Angels).

With me as your Celebrant, your ceremony will incorporate whatever you want it to.  If you and your partner are from different cultures, or have different religious beliefs, then elements of both your cultures and beliefs can be included in the ceremony itself.   I can also conduct your ceremony anywhere. If your dream is to have a woodland wedding, a Medieval themed wedding, a sunset beach ceremony, or to set up a beautiful gazebo or marquee in your favourite gardens, I will work with you to make it happen.  After all, it’s your day!

The Legal Bit

A Celebrant does not have the power to marry you in law and the legal aspect of marriage needs to be carried out by a Registrar. It is your choice as to whether you do this before or after your main ceremony is performed. There are practicalities to be considered and if you plan to jet off on an exotic honeymoon very soon after your ceremony then you might want to pop along to the registry office beforehand. Most couples consider their personal exchange of vows to be their ‘real wedding’ and are happy to take care of the legalities separately.

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